Help is needed. Question about buying a car.

I have a choice - to buy an old car or a new one. Interested in the pros and cons of both options. If I take a new loan will be necessary. Where in Ufa can we offer the best conditions for lending cars?
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I first took an old car. I traveled and simultaneously saved money. When I saved up the necessary amount, I sold the old car, added money and bought a new one in the cabin.
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Buying an old car is a cat in a bag. How carefully did the previous owner take care of him, how carefully did he exploit? You will not know it. I am in favor of not taking risks, but taking a new one.
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Of course, it is better to immediately buy a new car. If buying it is palpable for your budget, you can lease the car. This is more profitable than issuing a loan in a bank - fewer overpayments, no hidden fees, conditions are selected depending on the size of the first installment.Look, here they are offering to lease a car in Ufa.