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Dessert from cottage cheese and berries “Curd Ambrosia” by Natalia (Moscow)

Berry curd dessert
Berry curd dessert
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“I want to offer a nutritious and light breakfast of cottage cheese and berries. I’ll open a little secret to you: I often use this recipe not only as a healthy breakfast, but also as a dessert, when the unexpected guests are already on the threshold. It is prepared very simply and quickly. ”


1 pack of low-fat cottage cheese, 1 frozen package of any berries (optional), a few sprigs of mint.

Cooking method:

First you need to whisk in a blender the packaging of cottage cheese and the packaging of frozen berries. Then the resulting mass should be spread on the bowl or ready-made tartlets, if you serve it as a dessert. Top can be decorated with the remaining berries and sprigs of mint.

Light and healthy breakfast is ready.