What do cats have worms from?

Parasitic worms (worms) often occur in the intestines and other organs of cats. Due to their presence, a person is also at risk of becoming infected with helminthiasis. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the cat has no worms, to carry out prevention and, if necessary, treatment.

From what cats have worms

Not many clawed pet owners know why cats have worms. Meanwhile, the reasons for this are many, among the most common:

  • eating feces of infected animals;
  • consumption of milk that is infected with helminth larvae;
  • eating raw meat and fish, flies.

It is important to note that parasite eggs can get into the cat's body through water, grass, and even air. Often, the owners themselves bring the larvae of parasites on shoes or clothes, which leads to infection of the animal.

Worms in cats: symptoms

When the pet appears worms, the owner is easy to notice. The symptoms of helminthiasis in a cat are as follows:

  • poor or excessive appetite;
  • oppression and lethargy;
  • thinness;
  • fast fatiguability;
  • growth retardation (observed in kittens);
  • the presence of yellow spots on the mucous membranes;
  • ruffled wool;
  • indigestion (diarrhea can be replaced by constipation, and vice versa);
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • recurrent cough;
  • redness in the anal area;
  • mucus and white particles in faeces;
  • convulsions and paresis (with intoxication).

If your cat has some of these symptoms, it is necessary to hand over its feces to a coprological study. During it will be revealed whether the animal has worms and which ones.

Treatment of cats for worms

If parasitic worms are detected in the cat's body, it is necessary to immediately begin its treatment. This is best done under the supervision of a veterinarian. It is necessary to use special preparations during this. It is better to use those that have a wide spectrum of action, that is, effectively destroy all types of worms:

  • Milbemaks;
  • Pratel;
  • Prazitsid;
  • Drontal;
  • Febtal;
  • Panacur;
  • Polyvercan;
  • Pyrantel;
  • Dirofen.

Use these drugs must be strictly according to the instructions. Be sure to follow the dosage and take into account the weight of the animal.It is important to give the drug to the cat on an empty stomach in the morning. Since such agents are modern, the animal does not need to pre-clean the intestines; it also does not need to be given parallel laxatives. A few hours after giving the drug you can feed the cat.

It is better to use for the treatment of suspensions and tablets, the latter can be dissolved in a small amount of water or given with a small piece of food to the cat. Do not use special helminth drops or sprays during this, as many of them are toxic. They can be dangerous to the life of the animal, especially if it is only a few months old or more than 9 years old.

It is important after 10 days to give the cat medicine again. This will completely rid it of worms and their larvae, which remained after the first stage of treatment.

How to prevent cat worms

In order for your pet to never become infected with helminthiasis, it is necessary first of all to carry out the prevention of this disease. This should be done 2 times a year with the use of any of the above remedies for worms.If you have several cats, then conduct a similar procedure to all at once.

In addition, it is imperative to do deworming before vaccinations (10 days), this will avoid complications in the animal. If you have kittens in your house, then you need to carry out such a procedure for them at three weeks of age, then at 3 months and at 1 year.

In addition to deworming, you should follow the recommendations that prevent the appearance of worms in the cat:

  1. Keep the animal in the house, not letting him walk along the street. This will avoid contact with infected rodents, cats and feces.
  2. Make sure that the animals in your house and yard do not have parasites and fleas, and if necessary, treat them.
  3. Clean the cat tray regularly. Keep it clean and clean with disinfectants. Carry out such a procedure necessarily in rubber gloves.