First aid for sunstroke

Sunstroke is a very painful condition characterized by a disorder of the brain that is caused by severe overheating in the case when a person stays in the sun without a headdress for a long time. As a result, the expansion of blood vessels occurs and blood flow to the brain increases. Hemorrhages may occur in different parts of the brain or the meninges, in which case neurological symptoms develop. Dangerous complications:

  • swelling of the brain
  • heart failure,
  • coma.

First aid for sunstroke. Everyone should know this:

  • The patient must be put in a cool place, preferably in the shade.
  • Undo the collar or other embarrassing clothes, lift the legs with a roller.
  • Immediately proceed to the following procedures: rubbing or dousing the body with cool water, apply a cooling compress to the head and large vessels, give the patient some cool water, in which it is better to add some sugar or salt.
  • If a patient has vomiting or nosebleeds, the head should be turned on its side to prevent vomiting from getting into the lungs.
  • In the case when the victim cannot drink alone, an enema should be given.
  • In addition, assistance with sunstroke will have ammonia, which should be given to smell the victim.

Signs of sunstroke

The first manifestations of overheating of the body are weakness, cold sweat, weakness, headache. In the future, if the victim is not helped, nausea, vomiting, arousal of the nervous system develop, or, conversely, he becomes sluggish, apathetic. The body temperature rises, the face becomes red, even purple, and coordination disorders develop. The wobbly gait, the mind is clouded, the speech is incoherent.

If the case is very severe, then hallucinations, excessive volubility, delirium, convulsions may appear, and then the victim loses consciousness. His breathing is quickened, his pulse is weak, his pupils are dilated. In this case, the redness of the skin is replaced by their pallor with bluish tint.
�In children, the mechanisms of thermoregulation are still poorly developed.Therefore, they are much more likely to have sunstroke, whose symptoms appear first in the form of an upset digestive system (diarrhea, vomiting).

Medical assistance

Medical assistance for sunstroke is to prevent dehydration, prescribed droppers with saline. To improve the activity of the heart, injections of cordiamine and ephedrine are shown. Patients are given an oxygen cushion; if necessary, an emergency cardiac massage is performed.

Prevention of sunstroke

  • On the head is better to wear a light, well-ventilated headgear.
  • Clothing for the beach or work in the sun should be light, linen or cotton.
  • The time for sunbathing to choose before 10 am and after 17 pm.
  • Alcohol violates the thermoregulation of the body, so you should not use strong drinks on the beach.
  • In the hot period it is important to normalize the drinking regime, the amount of fluid consumed should be increased. Hot tea causes sweating, therefore, increases heat transfer, the possibility of overheating of the body is reduced.

Children, the elderly, people with heart and endocrine diseases should be especially careful with the sun.