Effective beauty secrets of our grandmothers

If today look into the cosmetic bag of a modern girl, then an inexperienced viewer can be confused: there are so many flasks, jars, cones and other small things that just run away! Needless to say, the world of modern cosmetology is simply amazing with its variety of choice, but is there only a need for such volumes of such products?

At the time of our grandmothers, all these “jars” were easily replaced by simple and, most often, natural methods, the bulk of which remain relevant today, only many of them remember about them. And in vain! Most of them will cost you a mere penny, compared with expensive and elite cosmetic brands, and the effect will be, if not more, then certainly not less.

The secrets of the youth and beauty of our grandmothers, unlike modern methods, went through a strong test of time, at one time they did not know the miracle abilities of plastic surgery, but at the same time managed to keep their youth and beauty for many years.

All these useful and effective methods need to be known today, because it is not always possible or willing to visit expensive beauty salons and purchase high-quality professional cosmetics for care. So let's remember the legacy of our grandmothers and moms?

Face skin care

Today, many beauty experts advise to significantly expand the full-fledged ritual of skin care of the face, making it more complex and multifaceted, which will allow to clean and enrich it with the maximum number of useful elements.

However, our grandmothers adhered to another rule: the minimal use of cosmetics, which often negatively affect the skin, disrupting the natural microflora of the epidermis. The fact is that the more it “feed” it, the more it loses its ability to heal itself in a natural way, which is also an important moment of care. Of course, we are talking about beauty products with chemical composition.

Olive oil was and remains the best remedy for women's skin, and that was what our grandmothers loved and appreciated. Each girl should have a small bottle of unrefined olive oil, which can easily replace both the cream and the mask, while it is great for any skin type.

But to achieve a real effect, it must be used regularly: every day, apply on the face with a wax, and after half an hour, remove the excess with a napkin. A few weeks later you will be surprised: the skin will begin to "revive", a pleasant color and elasticity will appear.

By the way, instead of olive oil, you can use other oils - apricot or grape seed, jojoba or even vegetable oil, although it is not as effective as olive oil.

The same oils can be used to care for the skin of the whole body, they prevent the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite, and return elasticity and elasticity. So that the skin of the face looked well-groomed, we must not forget about exfoliation, but how can it be carried out without modern methods and scrubs?

Very simple: a massage with a soft towel after the bath exfoliates well the part of keratinized skin. If you feel that this is not enough, you can do it yourself for scrubs: on the basis of ground coffee beans, oatmeal and sea salt.

And to list all the masks that our grandmothers used to moisturize and nourish the skin is pointless, because there are hundreds of them, and each is effective in its own way! The most popular and simple (fromingredients that will be found almost everyone in the refrigerator) were masks based on egg yolk and olive oil, sour-milk compounds that perfectly nourish and tone up the skin.

However, it should be remembered that even folk masks should not be abused, it is ideal to impose them 1-2 times a week, and at all other times use only light creams.

Hair care

Our grandmothers knew perfectly well that hair shone and literally glowed with health, it is important to observe one important rule: every evening comb out them with a bone or wooden comb, at the same time, you need to spend at least 100 times on the head! It's simple: such a simple massage of the head improves blood circulation and, as a result, a surge of nutrients to the hair follicles.

Do not forget our grandmothers and about the mask: for strengthening, nutrition and health curls. The most popular ingredients for such compositions were egg yolk, honey, brewer's yeast, onion juice, burdock or castor oil, kefir.

By the way, with the help of the usual egg yolk our grandmothers could wash her hair, and also knew perfectly well that lemon juice not only strengthens them, but also brightens a little, which allowed to get a different shade of hair without any paint.It is also useful to sometimes wash the curls with chamomile decoction, which has not only healing properties, but also gives them a golden sheen.

As you can see, our grandmothers were still those inventors! And it may, at first glance, seem that such simple methods cannot be effective, but it is worthwhile to try them out for yourself, as you understand that our older relatives understood a great deal in the forces of nature!

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