Eating or not eating: 5 of the most harmful New Year dishes

The cherished New Year's Eve is getting closer, the refrigerator is being filled up more and more actively ... Admit it, you don’t have such a cart at the supermarket’s checkout, even at your own birthday! The contents of the rusting packets are to be ceremoniously transformed into the classics of the Russian feast - the “Olivier” salad, herring under a fur coat, cold meat, fish and sandwiches with caviar. Alas, these delicacies from the festive table, which we know and love since childhood, are not the most useful dishes. Excessive attachment to Olivier and the company after the holidays will make us sweat in the gym and maybe even splurge on a beautician if the skin begins to act up in response to an unbalanced diet. So eat or not eat? We have prepared for you a dossier on the five most "harmful" New Year treats.

Salad "Olivier"

Eating or not eating: 5 of the most harmful New Year dishes

- MMM tasty! Did you cook it yourself?
- Of course, itself. I wanted to brag ...
- And you did it!

Eating or not eating: 5 of the most harmful New Year dishes
"The Irony of Fate" (1975)

The heavy artillery of this dish is a wide variety of ingredients seasoned with mayonnaise. Deutschpuck sauce contains a lot of fat (even the so-called diet mayonnaise is “lighter” than usual by only 10–15%) and almost nothing natural. Ingredients Olivier - potatoes, eggs, meat or sausage, pickled or pickled cucumbers - do not converge the characters, additionally loading digestion.

We count calories:100 g of the main New Year's salad can “weigh” from 250 to 320 kcal, depending on the fat content of mayonnaise, the selected meat ingredient (there are fewer calories in boiled beef and more benefits than sausage).

What to replace?Greek salad. His “satiety” is only 90 kcal per 100 g, there are fresh vegetables in it and no mayonnaise!

Herring under a Fur Coat

Eating or not eating: 5 of the most harmful New Year dishes

- Helen, say: fish!
- Herring !!!

Eating or not eating: 5 of the most harmful New Year dishes
“For family reasons” (1977)

Contrary to stereotypes, herring is not at all “harmful” fish, but a valuable source of vitamin D in winter and omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which are good for the health of the skin, hair, blood vessels (and not only!). The only thing - a lot of salty can not be those who have problems with pressure: such dishes provoke the accumulation of fluid in the body and, as a consequence, increased blood pressure. And so the whole thing in the "coat": the main seditious ingredient, as is the case with Olivier, high-calorie mayonnaise.In the second place is the combination of vegetables with a high glycemic index - carrots and beets, undesirable for those who have problems with blood sugar levels.

We count calories:nutritional value of herring under a fur coat - 193-202 kcal per 100 g.

What to replace?From your favorite salad, if health allows, you do not need to refuse, but to make it more useful it is desirable. Replace mayonnaise with natural home-made sauce (it turns out to be a little more satisfying from the factory, so do not overdo it with the serving size).


Eating or not eating: 5 of the most harmful New Year dishes

Today was a very delicious jelly, but I cook it differently ... I'm going to the market, I take a veal leg and do not forget to cut it there to pieces, because at home it's very troublesome. And I cook with carrots and onions, cook for five hours ... It’s a long time, so I only do this on weekends and only when the guests come, but not for myself. Then, when you pour broth on a plate, it’s very good for the flavor to add garlic, pepper ... It’s very good to add parsley greens - it’s delicious and vitamins

Eating or not eating: 5 of the most harmful New Year dishes
"The old robbers" (1971)

Foreigners respond to this dish with a shudder: they say that it is tasty in jelly, which is cooked after many hours of cooking meat? And domestic nutrition experts emphasize: the cold is a dish in moderation even useful.It is rich in collagen, necessary for self-positioning of the skin, and other proteins that improve the condition of the joints. If on a festive night your standard of hard liquor does not exceed 200 g, then a gelatinous snack will relieve you from hangover. “Aspic” is dangerous as a high cholesterol content, as it is a highly concentrated meat broth. Excessive love of "jelly" provokes such troubles as slowing down the metabolism, deterioration of the liver and weight gain.

We count calories:pork jelly contains from 180 to 350 kcal per 100 g, chicken - from 120 to 290 kcal, beef - from 80 to 200 kcal.

What to replace?If you like jelly, do not deny yourself it, just know the measure and stop the choice on a light version of the dish cooked, for example, from veal without adding other types of meat and hot spices that whet your appetite.

Salted fish

Eating or not eating: 5 of the most harmful New Year dishes

What a muck this is your jellied fish!

Eating or not eating: 5 of the most harmful New Year dishes
"The Irony of Fate" (1975)

The competitor of herring under a fur coat and meat aspic is at the same time very popular on our New Year's tables. The dish is rich in proteins of various groups and omega-3 acids. Nutritionists advise to add more herbs and vegetables to the inlet and not to overdo it, so as not to provoke fluid retention in the body.With protein intolerance, some diseases of the kidneys and the digestive system, food allergies, aspic from fish in the menu is contraindicated.

We count calories:the dish contains about 200 kcal per 100 g (the recommended serving should not exceed 150 g). The less fatty fish (cod, pikeperch, pike, carp, saber) are suitable for you, the more you will “save” calories for a thin waist.

What to replace?The whole world has long been deservedly mad with seafood. Why do not you look at the squid and shrimp for a change?

Sandwiches with caviar

Eating or not eating: 5 of the most harmful New Year dishes

Caviar is black, red ... Yes! Overseas caviar ... Mmm ... Eggplant!

Eating or not eating: 5 of the most harmful New Year dishes
"Ivan Vasilyevich is changing his profession" (1973)

Fish eggs are a valuable source of vitamins A, C, D, E, group B, minerals and amino acids. It is difficult to eat it at all desire, so that the cause of extra pounds are not tasty eggs, but bread and butter, which go to them in the appendage. The combination of caviar and butter, in addition, can increase the content of "harmful" cholesterol in the blood, so again, know the measure during the feast!

We count calories:one sandwich with red caviar on white bread or a tartlet with butter draws an average of 110 kcal, and a black one - at 120-130.

What to replace?No, we will not tempt you with an aubergine or squash "delicacy" - after all, a holiday is a holiday! One or two mini-sandwiches can be afforded, especially if they are made not on wheat loaf, but on rye “black” bread or whole-grain bread with a thin layer of butter.

How to burn holiday calories

Note our New Year's cheat sheet:


- 15 minutes to actively engage in shopping;

- 20 minutes walk with the dog in an energetic pace;

- 20 minutes to climb stairs;

- 20 minutes incendiary dance (or 40 minutes to give slow dances);

- 20-25 minutes to wash the dishes;

- 40–50 minutes to cook in the kitchen;

- 1 hour to actively write in a blog, online chat or social networks;

- 1 hour to spend on a trip in public transport;

- 1 hour 25 minutes to speak on the phone;

- 2 hours to watch TV.


- 6 minutes push-ups;

- 9 minutes to jump with a rope;

- 10-12 minutes squat;

- 10–14 minutes to spend on a stationary bike

- 15 minutes to play bowling;

- 15 minutes to skate;

- give 20 minutes to morning gymnastics;

- 20 minutes to perform elements of yoga or Pilates;

- 20 minutes swim;

- 30 minutes to devote to home exercises on the press;

- 30 minutes to practice on the treadmill at a speed of 4-5 km / h.

Meet the New Year holidays in all senses easily and with benefit!