Dumbo is an amazing pet

Not everyone can afford to keep pets. But some of them are small in size and do not require complex maintenance. Pay attention to such a pet as a dumbo!

What kind of animal is that?

Dumbo is a decorative type of rat, distinguished from other breeds by the presence of large and low-lying ears. Such a trait makes the animal look like the famous Disney devil Dambo, and it is through this that the name of the species appeared. The rat's coat may be smooth, slightly curly, or absent altogether. Variations of color are many. As for the life expectancy of this rodent, it averages two or three years.

Pet character

Dumbo is a very mobile and active animal: he will constantly swarm and try to come up with some kind of occupation. In addition, the breed is peaceful and communicative, so it quickly comes into contact with the owner and does not show aggression towards other tenants.And if you decide to play with your pet, he will surely approve and appreciate this thought.

Dumbo is smart and quite intelligent, so they can respond to the nickname and even perform simple breeds. For example, you can teach your pet to return to its cage, to approach you, or even stand on its hind legs.

Such a rat may require the attention of the owner, and in his absence will start to get bored. If you do not give the animal a splash of energy, then this can lead to a decrease in activity, obesity and other health problems.

Suitable climate

If you are interested in how to care for such an unusual pet, then, first of all, create a favorable climate for it. Dumbo rat does not tolerate drafts: they can provoke a cold, and any animal diseases are extremely difficult to treat. You should not place the cell in direct sunlight, an excess of ultraviolet radiation can be harmful and dangerous.

The optimum temperature is in the range of 19-23 degrees, overheating is unacceptable, as well as supercooling. Also, special attention is paid to air humidity, and the most optimal indicators are 45-60%.Significant reduction is dangerous, as well as a strong increase. To humidify the air, you can use a humidifier or a container with water.


A cage with metal rods is best suited for keeping a dumbo (plastic or wooden rats can easily gnaw through). And the dwelling should be spacious, so that the pet moves freely on it, does not feel restrained and can exercise physically.

The optimal size is 60x40x30 cm. The aquarium is not suitable, since a rat can suffer because of a lack of oxygen, the circulation of which is disturbed. In addition, the rodent jumps high and can leave its glass house. The bottom of the cage can be covered with sawdust.


How to feed? The diet of this decorative rat can include fresh fruits and vegetables, boiled eggs (but infrequently), nuts (with the exception of almonds), cereals, and also low-fat dairy products. Avoid fatty dairy products, legumes, chocolate, fish and meat, convenience foods and fast food, bitter vegetables such as radish, onions and radishes. And the pet should always have access to clean and fresh water!


Finally, a few useful tips for the owners of cute dambo rats:

  1. You should not have a cage near the plants: they can lead to poisoning, if the rodent wants to try the foliage "per tooth" (and such a desire will certainly arise).
  2. You can release your pet "to freedom" so that he can walk, stretch his legs and inspect the surrounding area. But the walk should be carefully prepared. To do this, it is better to take a separate room in which there will not be narrow slots (if the rat crawls through them, then getting it will be problematic). All potentially dangerous plants and objects should be removed, so that the dam does not have the temptation to show the instincts characteristic of all rodents. And releasing the animal at will, constantly watch him.
  3. If the house or apartment does not have a place for walking a rat, you can purchase a so-called walking bowl for rodents in a pet store. It has a spherical shape and holes for breathing. Dumbo will be able to move freely inside, and the ball will roll on a straight surface. And such an unusual way of walking will protect the pet from accidental damage and attacks of other pets living in your home.
  4. Proper maintenance and constant care are extremely important, because if you don’t give your pet proper attention, it can get sick. Moreover, a variety of host errors, such as unhealthy diet, restriction of physical activity, improperly chosen cells and small space, inappropriate conditions (high or low temperature, humidity, direct sunlight), lead to serious diseases.
  5. To maintain physical activity in the cage, you can place a wheel or a special safe toy.
  6. Monitor the health of the animal and for any alarming symptoms immediately show it to the vet.

If you decide to start a dumbo, then, having studied the information on the care of such a rodent, you will be able to provide him with proper care.

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