Developmental Panel

Going into the toy store, the eyes diverge from the diversity and breadth of choice. The price range also varies greatly. But still toys made with their own hands are always in the child’s priority. No matter how beautiful the factory toy would be, the thing created by my mother's hands is filled with all the love and care. Usually, kids feel it at some subconscious level. A toy that is presented in this master class cannot be found in any store. However, she enjoys a great love and interest in young children. This board is mainly designed for boys, as it includes all sorts of iron gizmos. However, I made my development panel for my daughter. After she learned to walk, all sockets, switches and doors "live her life." Noticing the interest in such things, I decided to collect all that she’s causing wild delight in one place - on the board. So, what do you need to create a development panel? First, of course, the foundation, those. board on which everything will be mounted.Everyone can choose its size by himself. I picked up the one I found from the old wall. It is varnished on one side.
Secondly, all the accessories: hooks, bells, buttons, switches, pens, chains, loops, latch, etc. Going into the hardware store, you will choose what the eye will fall on. And I advise you to search around the house. Surely you will see something that can be fixed, for example, non-working watches or charms.
 sockets switches of latches
Third, small planks of rectangular shape, which will go to small doors.
Fourth, various decorations, stickers and pictures. All in order to make the panel colorful and fun (after all, it is childish).
So, having armed ourselves with everything we need, we start. 1) Glue on with self-adhesive color film small plates. We fasten the latch and the hook to them. I asked my husband to do it, since I can not hold a screwdriver in my hands. Then I screw it onto the corner of the loop base and fasten these doors.Now they open and close.
2) I fasten another latch, hook, and three handles. On the handles, fasten the chains from the old bag, which was a pity to throw out. (But how it was useful in time). I attach a chain to the other pen from a keychain that was lying around at home. The ring at the end can be strung on a hook.
3) From the same old wall I found accessories in the shed, which I also attached to the panel (on the side buttons can be clicked, they click).
 we assemble a board
4) I had to tinker with the call separately, the cord about t sockets and plug. The fact is that the cord got too thick, so I had to fix it on the glue “super moment”. In my idea, the plug should be plugged into the socket.
 collect the development panel
5) Also on the" super-moment "we paste a button from the call, switch,and old non-working hours.
6) After setting everything up, go to the final stage: decoration. Having typed various pictures and cards, we paste them on a board in free places. From the double-sided tape, I cut out the numbers and pasted it. Voila, and now the board is much more fun!  Do-it-yourself development panel Our development panel is ready. My daughter loves to play it!