Deep-fried Carrot Balls \ Recipes from Gosha

Carrots are among the ten most economically important vegetable crops in the world. Carrots are used in medicine and cosmetology.

Carrots are used to prepare most dishes in all known world culinary traditions.

I really love carrot juice. Fresh carrot contains beta-carotene, vitamins and minerals. All these components make carrot juice indispensable for restoring and maintaining human health, especially for people who have weakened immunity, have problems with skin and eyesight. Carrot juice is useful for both adults and me.

Squeezing carrot juice is a lot of cake. The cake is a valuable culinary element.

Delicious deep-fried carrot balls are yummy and good.


  1. Carrot cake
  2. Dry cream. There is not a lot of cream.
  3. Potato starch.
  4. Vanillin
  5. Sugar Powder
  6. A little salt and soda with hydrated
  7. Sour cream.
  8. Vegetable oil 0.5l.
  9. All to taste.