Care and maintenance of dog breeds Chongqing

Chongqing dog is from China. This is a rare breed with a fairly high cost of one individual. But if you still decided that it was she who would be your companion and friend or defender, then you were not mistaken in your choice. This is not only a rare canine specimen found outside of China, but also an interesting breed for breeding, which, with the right approach, will not disappoint you and your family.

She is well adapted to the conditions of the apartment, although she loves large spaces, feeling more comfortable in the courtyard. So, what is this dog, Chinese Chongqing dog?

Historical data

Dogs of this breed were bred in the Chinese regions of Sichuan and Chongqing as a multi-purpose working animal, which gave the name of the breed, whose history is about two thousand years. In occasion of a pedigree of the exact data, unfortunately, does not exist, therefore the Chinese dog - the present riddle for breeders.

The main for the breed is hunting activity, but today its representatives can also be good watchmen or loyal companions.In the middle of the last century, the number of individuals significantly decreased, which led the Chongqing breed to the category of rare world species that must be saved from extinction.

Interestingly, the animal is also long-lived, like the Chinese themselves, who bred it, and can reach a very old age of seventeen or eighteen years.

What does an individual look like?

It is a sporty and rather powerful individual with brown short hair, muscular limbs, a short muzzle and an interesting tail. The breed can rightly be attributed to one of the rare phenomena of nature, as it is represented by three sizes of animals with a single standard. The height of the males at the withers is forty-forty-eight centimeters, and the bough is fourteen to sixteen.

Thus, female individuals are much lower and lighter, because their weight can reach a maximum of twenty kilograms, while the weight of males is nineteen to twenty four kilograms. Description of the appearance of the dog Chongqing following:

  1. The head of a square animal is rather large and moderately wrinkled, with a flat top skull and well defined cheek muscles, with a short, wide and deep muzzle.The lower lips are covered with the upper and tight, hiding the blue-black tongue, which sometimes has a pink tint. On the face there is a big nose of black color and dark brown eyes, not sunk or bulging, with an expression of wisdom, but at the level of a primitive one. High on the head are set triangular ears, directed forward and absolutely bald, which can be considered small, comparing them with the general parameters of the animal. The head itself sits on a powerful and muscular neck.
  2. Breed differs in stockiness and compactness due to the length of the body, slightly exceeding the height of the Chongqing dog. The muscular body is covered with short hair, emphasizing the athleticism of the animal, and ends with a unique tail, which is called the "bamboo tail". It is naturally short or medium, thick at the base and tapered towards the end, with a high seating position and a direction towards the ground, but during movement of the dog it can change its position a little upright. Like ears, a dog's tail is not covered with wool. The body is supported by incredibly strong and muscular limbs with slightly oval legs,on which there are dense pads and strong claws.
  3. The coat is short and hard, glossy, but not dense, which makes representatives of the breed “semi bald” in appearance. However, completely bald individuals are not found. Usually, the tail and the ears do not have wool, and sometimes a very rare fur grows on the muzzle, neck, chest and abdomen, and the back of the body. Animals have a perfect brown color, dark brown or reddish brown, with a small white mark on the chest as an exception. Black leather shines through the rare wool, giving a black tint to the muzzle with cheeks, chest, tails, backs and ears.

The appearance of Chinese dogs Chongqing of black color has been noticed, but experts refer them to the result of mixing rocks. The external features of the animal are complemented by behavioral, which the future owner of the Chinese Chongqing dog must necessarily be aware of.

Behavioral features

The character and temperament of the dog will depend on the conditions in which you will keep it and for what purposes you have acquired it - as a working animal or for the role of a companion. In any case, it will be a very dedicated member of the family, to one host who devotes more time to his upbringing and care.

Representatives of this breed, in the presence of training and socialization, communicate well with children from a family, not allowing crude liberties on their part. For good friends, the Chinese dog is a tender friend, but with constant attempts at dominance, so this is not the best option for beginning dog breeders.

The best use of the breed as a guard, which has been cultivated for two millennia. The animal behaves very wary of strangers, even with some aggression, which requires education and training in order to instill tolerance and courtesy when visiting hosts with new people.

But the attackers are unambiguously afraid to enter a room with such a formidable external guard who is able to inflict strong bites. Representatives of the breed may die, protecting the owner. In the role of guards, a very athletic and incredibly powerful Chinese Chongqing dog has no equal, despite the small height and weight.

Animals have a strong hunting instinct, chasing, attacking and killing prey of any size, from colic to bear. They are equally effective for a variety of hunting, whether it is the extraction of fish from water, a land animal or a bird.

Chinese dogs rarely get along with other domestic pets. They can be friends with other canids - bitches, on the condition of joint cultivation, but for most dogs they are aggressive rivals. With the help of special education you can reduce the number of such problems, but they will never completely eliminate them.

Pros and cons of the Chinese dog

Chinese Chongqing dog belongs to the breeds with a minimum of health problems, because the main condition for its breeding was a high working capacity, accompanied by minimal human participation in breeding, which made it less inbred.

Individuals with genetic defects did not survive, therefore modern breeders do not find genetically inherited defects in Chinese dogs of Chongqing. And this is a big plus for the owners, who, in case of exclusion of accidents and infections from the life of the animal, can enjoy communicating with the pet for many years.

The disadvantages include the shortened muzzle, which impedes the breathing process, which requires special treatment of the animal during walks and active activities. Always be provided with access to water, do not overheat the dog and its hypothermia.The most common difficulties that a dog owner may face include problems in the form of:

  • intolerance to cold and heat;
  • the presence of food and skin allergies;
  • hip joint and elbow dysplasia;
  • dislocation of the patella and progressive retinal atrophy;
  • demodicosis and skin infections, including sunburn;
  • flatulence and brachycephalic syndrome - snoring, wheezing, sneezing, snorting.

Care and Feeding Rules

Caring for hair Chinese Chongqing dog is not difficult, because it is very rare. Enough cleaning of a special mitten, which simultaneously serves as a massage. Even an allergic person will not notice the molting period of the animal. Particular attention is paid to daily care for wrinkles, in which dirt and infection can accumulate.

Bathing dogs rarely with the use of gentle shampoos. In winter, they are worn to avoid hypothermia, and in the summer they apply a protective cream before walking to protect the bald body from burns. Teeth are cleaned once every two days, ears thrice a month. It is advisable to regularly examine the eyes, removing clogs, and trim the claws in a timely manner so as not to hinder the movement of the dog.

Choosing the right food for the Chinese Chongqing dog is not easy. All representatives of the ancient breeds poorly perceive commercial feed, preferring natural food of good quality. This is a genetically engineered need to maintain health.

Therefore, if the pet does not want to eat professional food, you will have to make a natural diet. To help in the proper selection will help veterinarians or specialists of the breed club. The main thing in the Chinese dog menu is lean meat with offal, preferably beef.

Undoubtedly, the Chinese dog Chongqing is an intelligent and adaptable breed that can be trained. But pet owners will have to put a lot of effort, time and desire in order to achieve the desired result.

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