Buttercup Earrings

1. To create bright and attractive earrings, buttercups, we need: polymer clay of three colors, baked glue or gel of a transparent color, a base for earrings with an English lock and a platform for cabochon, rubber surgical gloves, a blade. Note: in my opinion The clay Cernite is perfect for this job. It softens quite easily, but a very thin petal can be formed from it, and also it is very strong and light.
 polymer clay of three colors
2 . From a piece of plastic acid-yellow, pre-wearing gloves, we form a drop, rolling plastic between the index finger and thumb. Depending on the size of the future flower, the size of the “drop” may vary.
 From a piece of plastic with acid yellow
3. We make 2 blanks. Note: gloves will make the work more accurate.There will be no fingerprints on the petals, and dust and dirt will not be deposited by hands.
 Making 2 blanks
4. We take acid-coral plastic and form small balls (2-4 mm in diameter), such circles need to be made from such a calculation that the petals of this color will be arranged in 2 rows - in the first there will be 3 petals, and in the second - 5. Those. just need to roll 16 balls.
 form balls
5. Each ball must be stretched between the index finger and thumb and turned into a petal.
 turn into a petal
6. Next, we begin to overlap the coral petals on the narrow part of the billet. Attach the first.
7. It is visually easy to see how the second petal is attached.
 attach a second petal
8. We fasten the third petal in the same way - overlapping the previous one.
 overlap on previous
9.In the same spirit, we continue to fasten the remaining petals, tightly pressing them to the base.
 tightly pressing
10. The next step is the manufacture of rose petals. They should be about 22-24, i.e. 11-12 for each flower. Fasten the petals in 2 rows and get the finished flower. Note: It is better to attach the petals of different size. In the first rows - smaller, in the last - larger ones.
 Fasten the petals
11. Now it is necessary to cut off the tail that has come from the base of the drop and the petals. To do this, we stretch our fingers with our fingers and push off the plastic that is at the very base of the flower.
 cut off the tail
12. Next, cut off the blade "tail", while the cut-off area should be approximately equal to the cabochon mounting area based on the earring.
 basis for an earring
13. We take glue for baking and lubricate the inner surface of the platform of the earring base. Note: glue or gel of a transparent color will help the flower to fix well on the platform.The most widely used for this purpose is the transparent liquid Fimo gel and the thermal glue Scalpi.  baking and lubricating
14. Immerse the cut bud on the base and send to bake for 25 minutes at a temperature of 120 degrees (depending on the type of polymer clay used).
 Immerse the cut bud
15. The finished result!
buttercups earrings
In your work, you can use absolutely any colors that are right for you. The size and purpose of the flower can also be changed: it is easy to make a beautiful and bright ring, brooch or pendant, you just have to buy the necessary accessories. This decoration is perfect for both the little fashionista and the stylish youth.