Blacklist Megaphone

Do you need to limit communication with this or that person, but you do not want to change your phone number? The “Black List” feature of Megaphone allows you to block incoming calls from unwanted contacts, thereby freeing you from bothering you calls.

The “black list” is a database in which both mobile and landline numbers are entered. All contacts entered into it are blocked and can no longer reach you. In this case, the subscriber entered into this stop list, when trying to reach you, instead of waiting for dial tone, will hear one of three answer options that you choose: “unavailable subscriber”, “telephone disconnected” or “number not serviced”. Receipt of SMS and MMS messages from such users, however, is not blocked.

To prohibit calls to your number, you will need to activate the Black List option on your phone.

How to enable the "Black List" feature from "Megaphone"?

MegaFon offers its users several ways to activate the black list function.

  1. Instant activation of the “Black List” service is performed by dialing * 130 #.
  2. You can contact the support service operator by calling the hotline, and in the telephone mode set the “Black List” option. After a couple of minutes, you will receive two SMS messages with automatic settings of the function and notification of successful activation.
  3. You can connect the “Black List” function directly on the Megafon website through the “My Account” section.

You can disable the “Black List” function in your phone by calling the number * 130 * 4 #, or by sending an SMS with the word OFF to the short number 5130

How to add contacts to the "Black List"?

To add a contact to the “Black List”, enter the key combination * 130 * + 70 on your phone, then enter the phone number of the subscriber with whom you want to limit the connection, press the grid and the call button. Incoming calls from the subscriber will be immediately blocked.

In order to view all the numbers included in the “Black List”, you need to dial * 130 * 3 # from your mobile phone or send an SMS with the word INF to the number 5130.

At any time, you also have the option of viewing the list of missed calls from blocked subscribers. To do this, send the word CALLS to the number 5130, or just call the number * 130 * 5 #.

How to remove a contact from the "Black List"?

Enter * 130 * 079XXXXXXXXX #, where X is the number of the subscriber, and press the call button. Or send an SMS with the text -79XXXXXXXXX to the operator's number. By completing these simple manipulations, the contact that you previously entered in the black list will be able to reach you again.

If you want to delete all the numbers in it from the Black List, it will be enough to dial a short command on your phone * 130 * 6 #, or send the word OFF to 5130.

Cost of the Black List service

For subscribers connecting the option for the first time, the activation fee is not charged. MegaFon customers who wish to re-enable it will pay 100 rubles from their main account for activation. The very same monthly fee for the ability to use the "Black List" is only 4 rubles per day. It is also worth noting that the function will be active only with a positive balance of funds on the subscriber’s account.