Banitsa - an unusual dish of Bulgarian cuisine

Try the dishes of different cuisines of the world very, very interesting, because they are so delicious, tasty and unusual. Try to cook a real Bulgarian banitza!

What is this dish?

Banicza is a traditional dish of the Bulgarian national cuisine, which is usually prepared from a thin puff pastry. As a filling, cheese (especially brine) and cottage cheese are most often used, but a wide variety of variations are allowed: with meat, vegetables and even fruits.

Such a dish has long been an integral element of many traditions and rituals, as well as nationwide holiday feasts and festivals, such as the New Year or Christmas. Today the panic is actively sold in fast food establishments, this dish is perhaps one of the most popular in Bulgaria.

The history of the dish goes back to the early Middle Ages, as the mention of it dates back to the 10th century, but it probably existed before. As for the preparation, the dough is usually made from eggs, flour, butter and water with the addition of soda and salt.

The filling is most often represented by cheese or cottage cheese, pumpkin, spinach, eggs, meat, onions, and rice are also used. And in the season greens are actively added, for example, nettle, green onions, spinach, beet tops. Banitsu can be formed from sheets rolled into a roll with a filling and stacked on a frying pan in the form of a pigtail. But it is also possible alternation layers of dough and filling.

How to cook?

How to cook Bulgarian banitsu? There are a lot of options, we will consider some of them.

Option One

Try to make almost traditional banitsu with cheese. For this you will need:

For the test:

  • 1 glass of water;
  • 1 egg;
  • flour (the amount you determine yourself in the process of mixing the dough).

For filling:

  • 400 grams of brynza;
  • 4 eggs;
  • 1 cup of kefir or natural yogurt;
  • 100 grams of butter;
  • greens to taste (for example, spinach).

For lubrication:

  • 4 eggs.


  1. First you need to knead the dough. To do this, break an egg into a bowl, whisk it, add water, and then gradually add flour, kneading the dough. As a result, it should turn out to be quite steep and not sticky to the hands. Roll it into a bowl, cover with a towel and leave for an hour.
  2. To make the filling, grind the cheese with yogurt, add the eggs and beat everything. Chop the greens and melt the butter.
  3. Divide the dough into equal parts (about 7-8). Take the first, roll out into a thin layer of a rectangular shape. Smear it with melted butter, then put the yoghurt-cheese mixture and sprinkle with greens. Roll the bed. Take a frying pan or a round baking dish, fully lubricate it with oil. Place the first roll on the edge. Make the remaining rolls with the filling and also lay them out in a circle until you fill out the entire form.
  4. Take the eggs for lubrication, beat them and lubricate the mixture with the mixture.
  5. Send the form or pan to the oven, heated to about 180 degrees. Readiness can be determined by the golden hue.

Option Two

You can cook a tasty and simple Banitsu from pita bread, and in a slow cooker. Here's what you need:

  • three sheets of thin pita;
  • about 700 grams of cottage cheese;
  • 5 eggs;
  • 1 cup sour cream;
  • about 50 grams of butter;
  • sugar (if you want to cook a sweet banitsu).

Cooking method:

  1. First cook the stuffing.To do this, grind eggs with cottage cheese, if you wish, add sugar (or salt and greens to get a snack, not a dessert).
  2. Butter must be softened.
  3. Spread on the table or on another flat surface, the first sheet of pita, grease it with butter. Then evenly lay the curd-egg filling. Twist the roll and put it in the oiled bowl of the multicooker.
  4. Then roll the other two rolls, also lay them in a circle to get something like a snail.
  5. Now cook pouring. For this, mix the sour cream with the remaining two eggs and pour the rolls with this mixture.
  6. Turn on the slow cooker, set the Baking mode and set the timer for about 80 minutes.
  7. Done!

Option Three

Try to cook delicious and nourishing banitsu with meat and mushrooms, this recipe is perfect for a festive table, and for a family dinner.

List of required ingredients:

For the test:

  • 1 kg of flour;
  • 350 ml of milk;
  • 2 eggs;
  • a pack of butter;
  • salt to taste

For filling:

  • 750 grams of pulp (for example, pork or calf);
  • 200 grams of fresh champignons;
  • 1 onion;
  • pepper and salt to taste;
  • butter for frying.


  1. First you need to knead the dough. To do this, pour flour into some large capacity (sift it better), make a well in it, break eggs there and, gradually pouring in milk, knead the dough. When you get a homogeneous mass, add the softened butter and salt. The result should be pretty steep dough. Leave it for an hour, covered with a towel.
  2. Now go to the stuffing. The flesh must either be finely-finely chopped with a sharp knife, or simply skipped through a meat grinder. Peel and chop the onion. Wash mushrooms well and cut into cubes (small). Heat a little butter in a frying pan and fry the onions and mushrooms first, then add the meat. Fry everything until half ready. Cook hard-boiled eggs, grate or grind with a blender and combine with minced meat.
  3. Divide the dough into several equal small pieces. First roll into a rather thin layer. Place the filling on it, spreading it evenly with an average thickness of the layer. Roll up a roll and put it in a form (it needs to be oiled abundantly).
  4. In the same way, roll the remaining layers, put them in a circle in the form.
  5. Above, the dish can be smeared with butter or beaten eggs to form a beautiful ruddy crust.
  6. Preheat oven to 180 degrees and send banitsa to it. It will bake for about half an hour. When it is fully prepared, an appetizing golden crust will appear on it.

Bon Appetit!

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