Angelina Jolie meets with a real estate agent

Details of the personal life of Angelina Jolie are interested in the tabloids no less than the status of Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux (in other words, all participants in the stellar quadrilateral). After the divorce, she was credited with the relationship with the Cambodian director, which was never confirmed, and now the next novel is with the real estate agent. That's the twist!

A rumor about the changes in the personal life of Angelina let the publication Entertainment Tonight. The new friend, whose name is not called, does not belong to the cinema, he has a more earthly profession, he sells and buys residential space. But this is not the most interesting: he is older than Angelina, and much more! The couple met in Los Angeles and began to communicate closely. “Angie is not ready for a date yet,” her friends say. “But this handsome man is amusing her and helping to pass a difficult stage in life.” According to friends, the new relationship positively affects Angelina.“There’s nothing serious about them,” they emphasize. “It’s just nice for them to spend time together.”