21 ways how cheap to make your bathroom cozy

The bathroom is, first of all, the place where you can relax and pamper yourself with hygienic and cosmetic procedures. Therefore, its beautiful and comfortable arrangement is of paramount importance! We have collected 21 ideas for you on the arrangement of the bathroom, which does not cost you a pretty penny and will please the eye for many years!

1. The cold tile floor becomes 110% cozier thanks to the pompom carpet

Make your trip to the sink in the morning much more enjoyable. All you need is a yarn and the base is in the form of a simple rug.

2. Pour all your shampoos, balms and hair masks into identical bottles for complete harmony.

Use small and cute containers. Only not bulky plastic bottles!

3. Convenient organizer for storing small things

It will allow you to save space on the table, and it will be very easy for you to maintain order there.

4. Use curved barbell for curtain

Such a bar will make your shower more comfortable than a direct one.

5. Hang two shower curtains to create a special atmosphere.

A two-panel shower curtain will make your bathroom look more luxurious. If you have a small bath, you can simply cut the curtain in half and hem the edges. As easy as pie!

6. Hang towels on rustic style decorative stairs

A nice little thing: this furniture item is very mobile, and you will not need to drill holes in the walls.

7. Make your life easier by adding a second cornice to the shower.

In addition, that it is very convenient, and hung things dry much better.

8. Get peculiar spa treatments with a pebble mat

All you need is a rubber mat (with holes for drainage), waterproof sealant and smooth stones.

9. Pour your mouthwash into a carved crystal carafe

10. Make it so cheap and easy to carry a tray for wine or reading books in the bathroom.

11. Turn an old dresser into a dressing table.

12. A brightly colored frame for a mirror will significantly change its appearance.

13. Such coasters under the sink will actually destroy the mess in your jars.

14. Save space in a small bathroom using hanging jars for storing makeup items.

This is not just a convenient way to store, but also a beautiful wall decoration!

15. Keep curling irons, ironing and hair dryer in a PVC water pipe

Cords are no longer confused, and everything lies in place!

16. Add some rustic charm using a shelf from a pallet.

17. Turn the old window into the original medicine cabinet

18. Funny horns on the wall as a wonderful alternative to a boring towel hook

19. A dressing table with a glass table top will allow you to see all your supplies of cosmetics

Brilliant solution for the original bathroom!

20. Decorate the bathroom walls with geometric mirror accents.

Mirror decorations are perfect for a small bathroom to visually appear larger. For this amazing decoration, you will only need cardboard figures for the base, made with your own hands, and pieces of the mirror.

21. Add some vegetation to bring natural freshness to the bathroom

But choose plants that suit bathroom conditions — preferably those that do not need a lot of natural light and that suit a moist environment.