10 reasons to buy goods from China

1. Low price. One of the main reasons for buying goods from China is their cheapness. Buying goods in leading online stores is 30-50% cheaper than buying in regular stores.

2. Trust in Internet resources. Long successful activities inspire confidence. Now there are Chinese Internet sites that have worked well and have been functioning for many decades.

3. Large selection. No real store will be able to compete with a wide range, which is presented on the pages of Chinese online stores. Here you can find everything.

4. No overpayment for the brand. If this is a branded product, often manufacturers make a big cheat just for the name. The Chinese can do good things, including tablets, phones, and other equipment. But only Chinese analogue products cost much less than the brand.

5. Customer orientation. Previously, on Chinese sites, it was possible to make orders only to those who know Chinese, or at least English, now most Chinese sites are Russified.Therefore, even people who know only Russian can safely make purchases on Chinese websites.

6. Shipping. Delivery from abroad, in this case from China, takes on average about a month, and you can often get the goods earlier. Accordingly, it can be concluded that the delivery is relatively fast.

7. Consultation. Most Chinese online stores have online managers who can tell everything about the product, advise which size or model to choose.

8. Payment by electronic money. It is quite convenient that now you can pay for such purchases using WebMoney, Yandex. Money or QIWI-Wallet, right from the comfort of your home.

9. Free shipping and regular gifts. The Chinese are preparing a lot of gifts for their regular customers, as well as for beginners. Some products can be ordered with absolutely free shipping.

10. Sales and discount coupons. The largest Internet sites in China make big sales. And without that cheap things you can buy more and with a fairly good discount. The main thing is to be at the right time on the right page of the site.