How to masturbate properly

How to masturbate properly? In this article we will talk about such a delicate topic as masturbation. Before describing how to properly masturbate, a few facts. Even 20 years ago, they spoke about the dangers of masturbation and how it is shameful and supposedly.

What is glaucoma?

What is glaucoma? Alena Bondar March 22, 2013 Today, in search of a precise definition of what glaucoma is, you can find information about a serious eye disease. This chronic eye disease is characterized by such symptoms as a constant or periodic increase in.

Picture from plasticine

Picture from plasticine You won't surprise anyone with the usual picture bought in the store. Then why not make a picture with your own hands from plasticine? If desired, you can even depict in the picture of your pet - a dog or a.

How much memory does Windows 7 support?

How much memory does Windows 7 support? Natalia Gredyushko January 14, 2013 An ordinary user of a personal computer, most likely, does not think about the question of what features his operating system has. However, it is important to know that Windows, starting with.

How wounds heal

How do wounds heal? Andrey Kresrerev October 9, 2014 The tissues of the body are able to regenerate with time, but this process takes time. How wounds heal and why this can happen for a long time, we will look at in our article.

How to knock out a weapon

How to knock out a weapon? Watch the video How to knock out a weapon? In the popular multiplayer game Warface, it is possible to buy so-called boxes of luck, in which you can find some types of rare, “rare” weapons. The trouble is.

How to cook homemade condensed milk

How to cook homemade condensed milk? Elena Sobol August 14, 2012 Home-made condensed milk is a treat that everyone has loved and remembered since childhood! After all, there is nothing tastier than pancakes with condensed milk! As it turned out, the recipe is not.

Openwork hack from an old newspaper that can be easily repeated

Openwork hack from an old newspaper that can be easily repeated An interesting idea is the recycling of newspapers and other unnecessary, used paper - to do some crafts with your own hands. A pretty tree that can literally be weaved out of a.

How to eat fish

How to eat fish? Anna Kazakova December 25, 2012 Have you noticed that people are divided into two types: those who love meat more and those who prefer fish? So, the notorious meat eaters and fish haters themselves do not know that they are.

What is the EU

What is the EU? The idea of ​​uniting Europe existed already several centuries ago, and the European Union (EU) was a kind of embodiment of this idea. To understand what the EU is, one should first turn to the history of the creation of.

How to select hair in Photoshop (Photoshop)

How to select hair in Photoshop (Photoshop)? Always, when clipping photos or images into Photoshop, it is the human hair or other wool of any animal that causes particular inconvenience. Sometimes, even after several hours of work with difficult areas, it is difficult to.

Quiz: Guess the book on the first sentence

Quiz: Guess the book on the first sentence In the beginning was the word. Starting another novel or story is, as many great writers have repeatedly asserted, a great deal of work on the verge of human possibilities. You may have an idea, a.

Vertical shelf for flowers

Vertical flower shelf My son, pretty much guilty in front of his mother, decided in this way to “lick it off” to her, beg for forgiveness. And the method for this has chosen, it seems to me, not quite normal. After all, children at.

Released a trailer for the movie Queen Elizabeth II

Released a trailer for the movie Queen Elizabeth II In the trailer, we can see Harry joking about his grandmother, and Megan Markle discusses the details of the wedding dress with the creative director Givenchy. But the Duchess Catherine never appeared in the video.

How to treat spikes

How to treat spikes? Adhesions are formed between the tissues and internal organs, they consist of scar tissue. If this disease is not identified in time, the adhesive process will lead to a change in the structure of tissues and disturbances in the functioning.

How to organize a pastry shop

How to organize a pastry shop You will need - room; - start-up capital. Instruction Do a marketing research to determine the positioning of your confectionery. When opening a similar business, you can go several ways. This may be a production (mini-bakery) with a.

How to grow chickens

How to grow chickens? At each stage of growing poultry, the poultry farmer faces different tasks. During the incubation period, you need to get the largest brood size, healthy youngsters. Growing young animals, it is important to observe a uniform growth and simultaneous maturation.

How to flash iPhone 4

How to flash iPhone 4? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Tamara ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������January 25, 2015 Watch the video How to flash iPhone 4? Any phone needs to be upgraded over time. When choosing a new firmware, you should pay attention only to official releases, which are safe for.

What gifts to give a man: TOP Gifts

What gifts to give a man: TOP Gifts Our happiness, that giving gifts to men need not so often. Otherwise, we would all be mad here long ago. But we don’t need to remember about invariable socks and shaving foam on the 23rd of.

How to become collected

How to become collected? Alena Mikhailova November 4, 2014 Often inattention and uncooperativeness bring many problems. After all, it takes a lot of time to complete a job or task for unassembled people, they often make mistakes. To avoid awkward situations, you should control.

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